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We’re happy to answer inquiries about consulting and design work, as well as potential speaking engagements, freelance writing / photography, as well as interview requests with Benjamin. If you have general questions about plants or gardening please note that we can’t always reply.


For DESIGN inquires please provide the following information:

  • location (address)
  • estimated square footage
  • specific management and aesthetic goals
  • current site aspects you’d like to change
  • preliminary budget range


For SPEAKING engagements please provide the following:

  • event name
  • online or in person
  • anticipated audience size
  • keynote, plenary, featured speaker, etc
  • dates or range of dates for event

We've changed our name!

Monarch Gardens LLC nebraska logo prairie inspired garden design
prairie up unlawning america business log featuring a liatris plant.

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Front yard meadow bed full of diverse native plant flowers and grasses in the foreground, contrasting with the background of suburban monoculture lawns and hard concrete surfaces like streets, sidewalks, and driveways. We can do better for the health and resilience in the places we call home.