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Collaborating with clients in Nebraska and from across the central United States, we’re unlawning America with artful wildness.

From backyard meadows and semi-formal foundation beds, to designed front yard conversions, we work with acreage and suburban home owners, as well as schools and businesses, to increase their landscape’s ecological and sustainable function while reducing input costs.

What makes us unique?

  • We use almost 100% native plants to support local wildlife while increasing climate resilience.
  • Our plants are installed as plugs, which are younger and more affordable sizes that establish quicker than gallon-sized pots.
  • We employ high-density and layered plant communities that mimic nature to increase ecological function and decrease high-input management over time.
  • Our gardens don’t rely on amending soil, annual wood mulch applications, fertilizer, or post-install herbicide.


1) We will meet with you in your landscape to discuss your goals, vision, and requirements. The standard consulting rate applies of $75 per hour in Lincoln and $150 per hour for locations 20 or more miles from downtown Lincoln (including Omaha). This fee is refunded or provided gratis if you sign a design contract with us.

2) Each design contract requires a nonrefundable 50% deposit for the plant material. Once the deposit is received we will initiate the plant order and provide a tentative schedule for your plant delivery or garden installation. All landscapes are designed on site, which provides several benefits: 1) we can provide a more authentic fit to your home as we are artfully inspired by being on the site in the creative moment; 2) we can more accurately connect to and borrow from nearby habitats and vistas; 3) you can participate in any last minute changes. All plants are thoughtfully chosen and laid out according to how they will interact with and support one another over time as the space evolves.

3) We can deliver plants and lay them out for you to install, or you may have us install the garden. The best months to establish a new garden are usually May to June and September to October. Site management services are also available to protect your investment and ensure the garden’s success, especially in the first year or two when weed control and design-tweaking are often necessary if not crucial.

First Year

As part of your initial investment and our commitment to your success, we’ll schedule 2 complimentary consults at your request during your garden’s very important first year if you go ahead and install our design. We’ll walk the landscape with you to identify weeds and discuss watering or mulching, as well as other management practices like cutting down the garden in spring and thinning seedlings. Together, we’ll see your landscape through the rough adolescence and into its establishment phase over 3-4 years. This early TLC will result in significant payoffs as soon as the second year. And of course, we’re always available by email or text and reply quickly.


​By their very nature gardens need attention. Our landscapes tend to need far less long term, but care is often required to ensure a continued return on your investment. In the critical first years after your installation we will be here to advise, instruct, and guide your management. The benefit of DIY management is that you learn from the plants and get involved with natural processes in ways you maybe never had before. If you’ve ever had a puppy or kitten, you’ll be ready for a natural garden — playful and exuberant and needing to learn lessons early on, but then becoming a constant companion and lap buddy.

Garden Costs

Depending on the size, scope, and estimated time our fees vary. Projects start at $5,000 for a smaller front yard conversion and can reach well into the five figures. Seeding projects have even more pricing variability. The main cost will be for plant and seed material, while other components include site prep, design, layout, mulch, labor, and tax. If you are a long-distance client (where we design your space and have plants shipped to you) costs will be for design, plant material, and install consulting.

Design Portfolio

Clients who contract a planting using plugs will receive a digital portfolio that covers design methodology, management guide, and resource list, as well as a profile of each plant species used in the landscape.

Clients who contract seeding projects will receive a list of species sown as well as a management guide.

Additional Costs

We work only in plants. You will need to contract site grading and hardscape work with other firms, and we are glad to be involved in that process from the start to offer guidance and timelines.

Late summer in a suburban front yard meadow garden featuring the blooms of salvia azurea and liatris aspera, alongside the black seed heads of echinacea purple coneflower.

"Super professional and very prompt answering any questions I had. He made everything on my end really easy. I love my prairie lawn and will definitely refer him to others!"

"Benjamin did an excellent job with our front lawn to prairie conversion. He listened to us, worked within our budget, and even came back to check on things and make adjustments as time went on. We are so happy with our beautiful prairie garden!"

"Benjamin is a great listener and created a design that incorporated my wishes and communicated well every step along the way. I'd recommend him in a heartbeat!"

"I wish there were more stars than 5 as an option! Benjamin showed up when expected and completed the work in a timely manner. He installed a shade meadow in our entire back yard. We've been surprised by how much it's already grown in just the first year. We couldn't recommend Benjamin enough."

Prefer to DIY?

If you’re more about self education, we’ve provided a lot of resources here to help you move from prep to design to management no matter your experience level. Even if you still end up working with us to design and install your landscape, the information on process will empower you throughout the installation and management period of the plantings. Following are some starter pages, but for more detail we’ve created online classes and pocket guides that will offer far more to you.

FAQ Starter Guide  |  Matrix Design 101  |  Sociability Rankings  |  Showing Intention  |  Let’s Design

A collage of Nebraska front yard lawn to meadow garden conversions featuring drought tolerant native plants for full sun or full shade landscapes.

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Front yard meadow bed full of diverse native plant flowers and grasses in the foreground, contrasting with the background of suburban monoculture lawns and hard concrete surfaces like streets, sidewalks, and driveways. We can do better for the health and resilience in the places we call home.