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Starting Your Native Plant Garden | Fundamentals of Garden Layers | Intro to Matrix Design | Designing With Common Nursery Plants | Gardening in the Shade


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As you work through the classes and guides you can schedule one 45-minute Zoom consult with Benjamin to address any questions about your gardening project. You’ll also get exclusive access to a special community.

Pollinator Gardening with Native Plants

An exploration of native flowers and grasses.

In this class you’ll discover over 80 forbs, grasses, and sedges that support adult and larval insects from pollinators to beneficial bugs, spring to fall. (60 minutes)

Woody Natives With Year Round Value

Trees and shrubs for wildlife and beauty.

Over 50 shrubs and trees that provide essential wildlife services in multiple seasons, all while looking beautiful to the human eye. (50 minutes)

Designing A Winter Garden

Plants and strategies for seasonal delight and habitat.

We’ll explore dozens of perennial flowers and grasses with stunning fall color and ornamental seed heads. Design strategies are also highlighted. (60 minutes)

Designing for Wildlife & Sustainability

How to support biodiversity while helping the environment.

Design strategies to support wildlife while sequestering carbon, cleaning air and water, and improving the soil. We’ll explore what specific groups of wildlife need, low-management landscape options, and glance at how plants can reduce your energy use. (60 minutes)

Starting Your Native Plant Garden

The A-Z on creating a low-management wildlife garden.

An incredible diversity of resources to help you research and choose native plants for your landscape, how to prep the area, how to appeal to neighbors and wildlife, then a step by step plan designing a sustainable garden bed. (65 minutes)

Sowing the Meadow Garden Bed

Design a small or large from seed.

Learn how to calculate the seed mix then prep, install, and manage the landscape. We’ll cover the nitty gritty including mixing and broadcasting seed, as well as best strategies for managing weeds before and after sowing the area. (50 minutes)

Fundamentals of Garden Layers

Follow nature’s lead, design with plant communities.

In this class discover how to read natural plant communities and what lessons to bring home, how to use layers of succession (seasonal and year by year) to increase ecosystem function and decrease management (like weed control), and explore some of the plant options to fill niches in each layer for max aesthetic appeal and climate resilience. (55 minutes)

Busting Garden Myths

It’s time to unlearn what you’ve learned.

We’ve learned that gardens need constant watering and fertilizing and mulching, that plant tags are useful, and that the secret to having a green thumb is using USDA hardiness zones. Nope, nope, nope. Embrace nature and sustainability as you relearn how to garden in an age of empowering freedom for plants, wildlife, and you. (30 minutes)

Working with Weed Codes & HOAs

How to work with and change the law.

Explore ways to work with neighbors and weed authorities by both tweaking your landscape and studying up on the ordinances — including victorious examples from around the country.
Don’t despair! (45 minutes)

Natural Garden Smorgasbord

A lively look at 7 hot topics.

A fast-paced, jam-packed dive into easy native plants, shade plants, overlooked natives, bunny-resistant species, fundamentals of natural design, dandelion alternatives, why honey bees aren’t critical,
and 2 bonus topics. (50 minutes)

Cultivars 101

An intro to the pros & cons of native plant cultivars.

What is a cultivar? How are they beneficial or detrimental to wildlife? When is it appropriate to use them? Take a crash course on some of the primary science to help you make the best decision. (50 min)

Green Mulching With Sedge Plugs

Learn how to design with plugs naturally.

If you’re tired of wood mulch and pricey gallon pots, this is the class for you. Covering professional strategies on designing with and installing plugs, we’ll also learn about adaptable sedge species. (50 min

Planning Plant Communities

Four plans and plant guides that emulate nature.

Learning about plants is key to creating resilient and beautiful gardens. We’ll explore four diverse sites as we match plants to one another in a sustainable, artistic landscape you can start today. (50 min)

All About Milkweed

Become a milkweed whisperer.

From indigenous uses and the risks insects take to pollinate flowers, to wildlife that depend on milkweed and how climate change threatens them, we’ll delve into 20+ species suitable for your garden. (60 min)

Designing With Common Nursery Plants

What natives make the cut?

Learn which species work best together and how to use plant behavior as a guide. A perfect introduction for those new to resilient design where we let plants lead management — within reason. (50 min)

Intro to Matrix Design

The simplest way to plan a natural garden.

Suited especially for those new to natural design, learn how to lay out plants in a matrix style to create an artful meadow landscape with year-round habitat. (50 min)

Lessons in Unlawning Suburbia

A candid look at various projects.

Take a deep dive into client spaces, from public to private and large to small. It’s an honest look at successes, failures, and our design process. (60 min)

Shade Gardening

Ditch the hosta for a shade meadow.

Shade gardens can be the most beautiful, artful, alive, instructive, and fun gardens around! There’s a native plant for any site condition. (45 min)

Using Plant Sociability in Design

Go beyond plant tags.

In order to create a resilient, low maintenance habitat,we have to select plants based on behavior above all else. Learn how to research sociability and match plants to one another for improved garden function. (65 min)

Project Overviews

Learn why we did what we did.

We’ll go through several projects of varying site conditions / scale and explore why we made specific plant, design, and management choices. Plant and seed lists are included. (70 min)

Do you struggle with native plant selection?
Are you unsure how to prep, design, and care for a nature-inspired garden?
Wondering how to win over neighbors while supporting wildlife?

These 20 Courses Are For:

  • DIY-ers who need clear guidelines.
  • Anyone converting lawn or updating old beds.
  • Those new to natural design.
  • Professionals switching gears or expanding their skills.
  • Those concerned about climate change, extinction, and how designed, urban habitats can improve our community’s health.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to research native plants for your site and where to get them.
  • How to create resiliency using plant behavior and plant communities while reducing management inputs.
  • Employing plugs with seeds to get the most bang for your buck.
  • Artistic design methods that appeal to neighbors and support wildlife.
  • How to think more like an ecosystem and less like a 1950s gardener.

Each video lecture is presented by Benjamin Vogt, author of A New Garden Ethic and Prairie Up. His work has been featured in The American Gardener, Dwell, Fine Gardening, Garden Design, Horticulture, Midwest Living, the New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.  Benjamin speaks internationally on natural garden design and is passionate about urban lawn conversions (that’s putting it mildly).

Frequently Asked Questions

In what regions are these classes applicable?
All regions. The design methodology and philosophy is adaptable. And while all of the plants discussed may not be native to you, you’ll easily be able to find local substitutions that work for your landscape.

How many times can I watch the videos?
As often as you like! Classes are made available in perpetuity or until the service is no longer available in some distant, mythical future.

I’m having an issue accessing the class. What can I do?
There’s often a simple fix to this issue. Please try any or all of the below options:

  • Try a different browser
  • Try a different device
  • Log directly into Teachable with the email you used to sign up for the class vs. clicking on the link in the email
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  • Clear the browser cache
  • Restart your device

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